Webbs Social Advertising Campaign

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Webbs Social Advertising Campaign

Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords (Search & Display), Bing Ads and Homepage Takeover

This multichannel digital campaign was to increase ticket sales for several key events held at one of the garden centres throughout the year, including; Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

Uses 3 key targeting methods for Facebook, firstly geographic campaigns ensure that we target all demographic customers within an agreed radius of the store.

We then create a custom audience by overlaying customers email address and telephone number
with real Facebook users. The third method creates a custom of audience of all visitors to the clients website and allows us to target these people on Facebook.

The advantage of customising the audience types is that they often have a much higher conversion rate and thus lower cost per acquisition than a broader, more generic audience that hasn’t previously engaged with the brand is some way. Webbs regularly return 10:1 for their event campaigns.

Campaign Effectiveness
The campaign has achieved more than 3,600 ticket sales since Easter 2014.
This provided a return on investment of nearly 11:1 across Social, Search and Display channels.