Retargeting is using your existing data to target advertising to users who have already shown an interest in, or otherwise engaged with, your brand elsewhere on the internet.

Retargeting is often confused with Remarketing, which is a slightly different form of marketing, commonly using email marketing to re-engage with users, for example, ecommerce cart abandonment emails.

Retargeting can be a very powerful way to re-engage users who have previously shown an interest in your brand as it often results in very high engagement and conversion rates. This is because the audience you are advertising to are already considering your products or services but may need convincing to make that final purchase.

We run retargeting campaigns for a variety of clients across a range of sectors and with different budgets. The common factor in all of these campaigns is the highly successful results.

Retargeting campaigns generally result in much higher click-through and conversion rates than conventional ads.

Retargeting can be done in a number of ways:

  • You can use cookies to show adverts to previous visitors of your website elsewhere on the internet.
  • You can use your existing database of customer email addresses or telephone numbers to identify users of other advertising networks including social networks. This is known as social retargeting.
  • Create a “lookalike” audience of users that share a similar profile to your actual users to target advertising to.

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