What makes
us different?

Gough, your full service marketing agency

Your world, through a human lens

Human brains run on two-hundred-thousand-year-old software. Which means we are more often than not, driven by raw, primal emotions and the use of heuristics to navigate basic life.

Our world is understanding exactly that. Why people do what they do.

No cookie-cutter approaches here. Your business is unique and so are the people you’re trying to reach. We deep dive into the behavioural patterns, psychology and triggers of your target audience, crafting solutions that speak directly to their visceral motivations and needs.

The Gough guarantee

No fluff – just results. We stand for honesty, hard work, and being grounded in real human insights.

We’re here to help you decode your customers’ behaviours and turn that knowledge into commercial success.

A full marketing toolkit
under one roof:


Memorable brands

Creating a brand is more than logos and taglines; it's about crafting a story that speaks to the heart of your audience.


Emotion-driven creative

We deliver big ideas that do more than just catch the eye – they engage the mind and connect on a human level.


Brand presence

Transforming your brand's voice into an industry-leading force, our PR services elevate your presence.


Engaging social presence

We boost your brand's online presence by creating content that sparks conversations and turns followers into loyal fans.

Performance marketing


We leverage our expertise in behavioural science to understand what drives your audience's online actions.


Engaging storytelling

Effective content marketing means telling stories that engage and inspire.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Property development communications

We help secure planning consents with effective stakeholder engagement, followed by brand-protecting community liaison during construction works.


User-centred websites

To stand out from competitors you need a website where users can complete the key actions seamlessly.

What we're good at

We were founded in 1936.

For nearly 90 years, what’s been constant in our business (other than the name) is the need to solve commercial problems using a combination of great thinking, engaging creativity & innovative technology.

The technology is always evolving, but what is true for the long haul is understanding
what drives human behaviour.

Why work with us

We have a great blend of youth and experience.
You get senior people on your business day to day, not just at the pitch. Along with cutting edge ideas and thinking that will push you and your business further.

Our ‘under one roof’ approach delivers compound effectiveness.
They say to a man with a hammer, every problem resembles a nail... That’s why we solve your commercial problems using the broadest skill set possible, which means a full toolkit (that does also includes a hammer!)

We’re experts at making budgets work harder, delivering better bang for your buck.
Our starting point is what can you do for free? Then work upwards. We don’t start by complaining you don’t have enough money!

Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) members since 1954.
A learning culture is in our DNA, our people are curious, hungry and well schooled! Which means less risk for you from bad advice and a greater chance of success. As a member of our team, it also means you get great coaching and mentoring.

"The Gough team handled the complicated project with skill, understanding and a steely determination to ensure all messages were conveyed clearly and all audiences engaged. They worked effectively and in a timely and sympathetic manner and we were not disappointed – local residents, businesses and key stakeholders felt that they had been fully engaged and informed."

Andrew L Smith

Director of Planning, Leicester City Council

"The Gough team have been excellent in supporting our development proposals by leading on planning consultation. They managed to create high quality materials, and organise and host a highly attended event in a short period of time.

Richard and his team diligently respond to community feedback, which helps to create a holistic development scheme. It is a great asset to work with Gough!"

Sean Molyneux

Planning Manager, Trenport

"The team at Gough were invaluable when working with us. They quickly got to grips with an evolving brief in a complex stakeholder environment.

They demonstrated a clear understanding of the development and planning environment and their adaptable, responsive, and practical approach to delivery achieved high quality
outputs within tight deadlines."

Ken Harrison

Programme Director, East Midlands Development Company

"We have had the privilege of collaborating with Gough for years, relying on them for our press releases and media-related activities, as well as our new development public consultations.

Their remarkable responsiveness and expertise in producing high-quality content, regardless of project scale, has consistently exceeded our expectations."

Stephanie Wellington

Brand and Marketing Manager, Court Collaboration