Who we are

With nearly 90 years under our belt, we’ve seen a few changes, but two things have remained consistent – the ‘Gough’ in our name and our attitude to looking after clients

We are a Full Service Marketing Agency based in Bromsgrove who thrive on decoding human behaviour to help your marketing have a real impact

What are we good at?

"Most ask, 'What'll change in the next decade?' Rarely do they ask, 'What'll stay the same?' That's the key question. In business, bank on the constants. In retail, customers always want lower prices, fast delivery, and variety. It's unthinkable to hear someone say, 'I wish Amazon was pricier and slower.' Focusing on these enduring needs is a long-term win. When you know something is true for the long haul, invest in it fully."
– Jeff Bezos 

We were founded in 1936. 

For nearly 90 years, what’s been constant in our business (other than the name) is the need to solve client commercial problems using a combination of great thinking, engaging creativity & innovative technology. The technology is always evolving, but what is true for the long haul is understanding what drives human behaviour.

What do we believe?

Our North Star: 

Decoding behaviour, to help humanity and nature thrive in a better considered, connected, fairer and more sustainable world. It may be a high-minded concept, but as Norman Vincent Peale said you’ve got to “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”  

What are we like? 

We believe in a simple set of three values that drive how we act with each other and clients every single day. These values drive our culture. 

1. Embrace change: Be resilient, flexible and adaptable.  It’s what has made humanity thrive and is great for businesses success.

2. Be infectious: Human energy is infectious. Catch it and spread it. Be a radiator and not a drain to all around you.

3. Do it right: Measuring twice and only cutting once saves us and our clients time and money. It also guides us to act with integrity at all times.

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Co-owner and Managing Director
Co-owner and Strategy Director
Richard Gossage
Finance Director
Creative Services Director
Creative Director
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PR & Social Media Account Director
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Jayne Wakeman
Accounts Assistant
Office Security
Intelligence Officer

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We're hiring!

Working at Gough is an extremely rewarding experience, with great people, plenty of exciting challenges, top training and fantastic career prospects.

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