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March 27, 2024

Empowering Youth through the Myth-Busting Sexual Health Quiz

Commercial challenge

Gough Marketing and BPAS teamed up to tackle the often-overlooked subject of sexual health education among young people. Recognising the pervasive myths and misconceptions surrounding sexual health, the partnership aimed to create an engaging and informative experience at a popular music festival. This initiative centered on an innovative approach: a Myth-busting Sexual Health Quiz designed to educate and empower festival-goers.

Human approach

We set up a vibrant and inviting stand at the heart of the festival, drawing in young attendees with its lively setup and approachable staff. To enhance the experience and capture genuine interactions, Gough Marketing introduced a video booth where participants could take part in a multiple-choice quiz. This quiz aimed to debunk common myths and provide factual information on various sexual health topics.

Throughout the festival, the video booth attracted a steady stream of curious young people. Participants were invited to step inside the booth and answer a series of multiple-choice questions on sexual health. The setup was designed to be both fun and educational, encouraging honest reactions and thoughtful engagement.

Each participant’s response was recorded, capturing their initial thoughts, reactions, and reflections as they learned new information. The atmosphere was lively, with groups of friends often joining in together, fostering a supportive and open environment.


By the end of the festival, the initiative had gathered 80 unique videos of young people engaging with the quiz. The reactions ranged from surprise and laughter to serious contemplation, revealing the diverse levels of knowledge and understanding among the participants.

Rather than focusing on data collection, the success of this campaign was measured by its impact on the participants’ awareness and knowledge. Many young people left the booth with a clearer understanding of sexual health, feeling more empowered to make informed decisions.

The Myth-busting Sexual Health Quiz at the music festival was a resounding success in raising awareness and educating young people on important sexual health issues. By creating a fun, engaging, and informative experience, Gough Marketing and BPAS succeeded in making a lasting impact on the participants.

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