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January 1, 2024

Sparkling success: illuminating North Yorkshire's festive season with the Northern Lights Express

Commercial challenge

In the heart of North Yorkshire, a magical journey awaited passengers aboard the debut Northern Lights Express. Their mission? To enchant travellers and spread the joy of this festive season like never before.

With stars in their eyes and excitement in their hearts, North Yorkshire Moors Railway partnered with us at Gough to illuminate their path. But make no mistake, the true stars of this tale are the passengers whose spirits we aimed to lift.

Human approach

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful goal: to ensure that the world knew about the Northern Lights Express and all its wonders. North Yorkshire Moors Railway sought to not just sell tickets, but to create lasting memories for families and friends alike.

Together, we embarked on a quest to raise awareness, to inspire adventure, and to bring joy to all who embarked on this enchanting journey. Our approach was rooted in putting the passengers front and centre, understanding their desires, and crafting experiences that would leave them spellbound.

We didn't just market a train ride; we helped craft an experience fit for dreams. Our teasers were carefully crafted to pique curiosity, our mailers sent with love to press contacts far and wide, and our announcements delivered with a touch of magic that only the Northern Lights could rival.


And oh, what wondrous results we achieved! The Northern Lights Express shone brightly on The One Show, capturing the hearts of millions alongside the legendary Sir Rod Stewart, who shared his passion for steam engines with the world.

As the Northern Lights danced across screens, so too did they dance in the hearts of viewers. Website traffic soared to new heights, a testament to the allure of this unforgettable journey. The event itself? A sold-out success, with laughter and wonder filling every carriage.

But perhaps the true measure of our triumph lies in the glowing reviews and the stories spun by journalists far and wide. From the pages of the Telegraph to the screens of national broadcasts, the Northern Lights Express captured imaginations and left an indelible mark on all who encountered its magic.

In the end, our journey was not just about achieving marketing objectives; it was about creating moments of joy, wonder, and connection. And in that, North Yorkshire Moors Railway emerged spreading light and warmth to all who joined them on their enchanting adventure.

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Key results delivered

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