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So Solihull - Visit Solihull

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April 22, 2024

Commercial challenge

In a bid to showcase Solihull as a premier destination for Commonwealth Games attendees, we embarked on a mission to tap into the humans love of alliteration. Our objectives extended beyond mere promotion – we sought to evoke emotions, shape perceptions, and ultimately influence the decision-making processes of potential visitors. All this, without directly referencing the Commonwealth Games, demanded innovative strategies rooted in human psychology.

Human approach

We crafted the "SO SOLIHULL" campaign with a focus on the unexpected appeal of Solihull as a travel destination. Our strategy utilised insights into emotional appeal and cognitive biases to shape a compelling narrative for Solihull.

Central to our campaign was the emotional connection potential visitors could forge with Solihull. We developed a tagline and narrative that highlighted the town's unique allure, emphasising aspects that would stir excitement, curiosity, and a sense of adventure. The portrayal of Solihull’s dynamic lifestyle, cultural richness, and attractive sites was designed to spark an emotional desire to visit.

We also employed cognitive biases to position Solihull as the perfect base for exploring the region. By underscoring its excellent connectivity and proximity to key attractions, we aimed to establish Solihull as a top-of-mind choice for convenience and accessibility. This strategic framing was intended to influence perceptions and guide decision-making towards choosing Solihull as a preferred destination.


A Triumph of Human-Centric Marketing:
In the end, our success wasn't just measured in numbers; The "SO SOLIHULL" campaign surpassed expectations, not only elevating Solihull's profile but also showcasing the profound impact of understanding human behavior in shaping destination marketing strategies. As we look to the future, our journey continues, driven by a deep understanding of what truly moves people to explore, experience, and embrace new destinations like Solihull.

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Key results delivered

Emotional engagement
Social influence amplified the campaign's reach and impact
Perception shaping

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