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February 5, 2024

Unveiling the Ironbridge Gorge Museums: A journey of enrichment and empowerment

Commercial challenge

When Ironbridge Gorge Museums came to us at Gough with a dream of welcoming 500,000 visitors in 2020, despite the challenges of floods and the ever-looming presence of Covid-19, we knew this wasn't just a goal; it was a mission.

Listening closely to their aspirations, we embarked on a journey to craft a strategy that would not only draw in a wider audience but also celebrate the essence of what makes the Ironbridge Gorge Museums an extraordinary destination. The Ironbridge Gorge Museums weren't just seeking numbers; they were seeking to enrich lives and create lasting memories.

Human approach

Our approach wasn't just about marketing; it was about storytelling. We envisioned The Ironbridge Gorge Museums as the hero of their own narrative, with every visitor becoming a part of their story.

With this vision in mind, we crafted a ‘Hero, Hub, Help’ content marketing strategy that resonated with both new and existing audiences. Through compelling PR, engaging blogs, captivating social media content, and immersive videos, we showcased the museums as more than just attractions – they were gateways to adventure and discovery.

But our journey didn't stop there. We extended the reach of The Ironbridge Gorge Museums by 30 minutes, captivating the attention of audiences who had yet to uncover the treasures within. Our targeted social media plan highlighted off-peak activities, inviting visitors to explore the museums beyond the peak seasons, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere year-round.


The results of our collaboration spoke volumes. With over 20 million people reached through press coverage and 170,000 engaged through social media, The Ironbridge Gorge Museums became a beacon of positivity and inspiration. The sentiment surrounding the museums was overwhelmingly positive, with 1,434 new followers across all social platforms in just two months.

But beyond the numbers, Ironbridge Gorge achieved something far greater – Empowerment, to stand tall as the hero of their own story, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of discovery and wonder. Together, we didn't just meet their goals; we forged a path to new horizons, one visitor at a time.

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