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February 4, 2024

Twycross Zoo - Homeschoolers Day

Commercial challenge

Twycross zoo needed to Raise Brand Awareness, we aimed to enhance its visibility and reputation within the local community and beyond, Increasing Footfall, and specifically targeting Home Schoolers and Educators, the zoo sought to boost the number of visitors through targeted events and offerings.

Human approach

Innovative Event Launch: To directly engage with Home Schoolers and Educators, Twycross Zoo initiated its first ever "Home Schoolers Day." This event was tailored to meet the educational needs of home-schooled students and offer them a unique learning experience outside of the traditional classroom environment. By focusing on this niche audience, the zoo not only filled a market gap but also provided a specialised educational service that aligned with its conservation and educational mission.


The strategic approach taken by Twycross Zoo was not only successful in meeting the immediate goals of enhancing brand visibility and drawing more visitors, but it also laid a foundation for future marketing initiatives. The triumph of the inaugural Home Schoolers Day has evolved into a beloved recurring event, consistently attracting a dedicated audience. This achievement underscores the zoo's commitment to fostering long-term relationships and promoting educational outreach, thereby enriching the community's connection to wildlife and conservation efforts.

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